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Michael Tudori & Associates is Western Australia’s premier boutique Criminal Law Firm. With a proven history in representing some of Western Australia’s highest profile cases with great success. The firm specialises in all aspects of Criminal Law, Liquor Licensing Enforcement and Sports Law including Racing and Gaming Tribunals, Stewards Inquiry and Appeals. We are a Perth based firm however we appear in all Courts in Western Australia.

The Principal, Michael Tudori has over 20 years of experience and has the support of very experienced staff to assist you from initial advice before being charged and then right through the court process.
Our areas of expertise are:
  • Traffic matters
  • Drug charges
  • Serious criminal offenses
  • Magistrate, District and Supreme Court Matters
  • Appeals
  • Crime and Corruption Commission representation
  • Australian Crime Commission representation
  • Liquor Control Orders and Prohibition Orders
  • Racing and Stewards Hearings
  • Racing Appeals
  • Sporting Hearings and Tribunals

Micheal Tudori & Associates
Barristers and Solicitor
Level 16, Citibank House
37 St Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6000

PO Box Z5198
St Gerorges Terrace
Perth WA 6831
p:   (+61 8) 9325 9325
e:  info@michaeltudori.com.au

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